Writing Contest Winner – Renee Lyons – Adult Poetry

Renee Lyons - Adult Poetry Winner










by Renee Lyons


 August 6, 1945


I. Hiroshima

Our words almost

spoken, leaning over the edges

of our lips, ready to fall,

our eyes gazing forever

straight ahead, our legs

bending and stretching,

but always still.


Here, the glass moment closes

on eternity like a giant mouth. Here,

we find time enough to fold

our memories into origami hearts, to dream

our lifetimes over again,

to memorize the bricks in a building,


the stitches in a coat.

Suddenly, heat, as if all

the tired, fearful souls

were shaking the city

into a choleric fever,


but we never feel the burn,

our lungs still waiting to gasp,

our hearts still waiting to beat,

our throats still waiting to scream.


Now light: the fires of the sun

fill up our sight.

We stare into God’s eyes


and his heart swells up, bursts.

The streets run red with his blood,


and I fall through to the dark side of life.




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