Writing Contest Winner – Kelli Huber – Adult Personal Essay

A Summer to Remember

by Kelli Huber

     It was a sunny, blistering day when my Aunt Tattie pulled up to my driveway in her 1966 olive green Mustang. It was the first day of my summer vacation, and I had been looking forward to this day all school year. I had been impatiently standing outside waiting for her, counting the minutes, when I heard that ferocious V-8 engine come barreling down my street. I climbed in the Mustang, and my Aunt Tattie whisked me away like a chariot in a race to begin our summer together.

   My Aunt Tattie ( also known as Kathryn ) with her petite frame, and seal-brown hair, always had a glowing smile on her face and a shimmer in her eyes. When I was in her company, she made me feel as if I were the only person in the whole world, and when you are eight years old that means a lot. We drove all day to get to our destination, this little town she called home. On the way we stopped for snow cones to combat the mid-day heat. I had cherry, she had grape. We had to eat them rapidly, as they were turning more into Kool-aid than an icy treat. The drive seemed more like an adventure than a chore, as we stopped at fruit stands, gift shops, and the occasional rest stop. We arrived at her house in the afternoon, still plenty of time to enjoy our day.

   During that month, I enjoyed every second of every hour. Aunt Tattie and I spent long days snapping green beans fresh from her garden to be prepared as an addition to a delicious home cooked meal. We would laugh and talk around the table, but never anything to serious would quiet our giggles. Evening would come and we would sit in front of the console television in the living room. We would stay up all night and watch old black and white movies till the stars and stripes appeared, and the National Anthem blared. Morning would roll around and the activities were endless; arts and crafts, playing dress-up, going to amusement parks and my favorite, a baseball game. Always wearing her favorite hat like a crown, she was a faithful fan.

   As the month started to draw to an end, I felt a sadness come over me. The realization that I would be leaving my favorite aunt in the whole world, to go back to my everyday life made me feel empty inside. This time in my life, this spectacular summer was one of the most peaceful and relaxing times I have ever experienced I spent my summer with no worries and no cares, just long, flowing days of frivolity. Since then my beloved Aunt Tattie has passed away. I never took the opportunity to share with her the impact she had on my life, and how much she truly made my summer vacation a summer to remember.


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