Writing Contest Winner – Karona Drummond – Adult Poetry

Karona Drummond - Adult Poetry Winner

Backseat Collection

by Karona Drummond 

Popcorn pieces

Rubber bands

Messy marks

From messy hands.

 Cracker crumbles

Long gone stale

A scrunchy with

No ponytail.

 Lonely Lego


Crunchy bits of


 Toe nail clippings

Mate-less sock

Stick from a

Long lost lollipop.

 Candy wrappers

Wilted flower.

Sippy cup of

Milk gone sour.

 Empty bottle

Pit of plum.

Where did these tiny

Bugs come from?

 No place to sit.

It’s gone too far.

Okay. It’s time

To clean the car.


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