Writing Contest Winner – Jessica Collins – Teen Personal Essay

Jessica Collins - Teen Personal Essay Winner

Personal Essay

by Jessica Collins

A time that I felt different was the first time I went to a teen Bible study and hung out with a type of people I usually do not hang out with.

As soon as I entered through the French doors of the fine home my eyes were met by black: black hair, black cloths, black makeup. I entered slowly, slightly taken back by this new world. I felt like my golden blonde hair, sky blue shirt, and dark wash denim jeans stuck out like a sore thumb against this world of night. Every one except my self was clad in the same color: black, except for their faces which were white.   For all the gloom that their appearance suggested, they greeted me quite warmly. Still feeling slightly out of place, I stayed close to the food bar until it was time for our discussion. When the topic was opened the others immediately started sharing their experience with the small group.  I held back, feeling my self slip deeper and deeper into my shell as they discussed things my innocent mind only thought happened in movies and T.V. shows.  Occasionally they would ask me my thoughts about the topic and I would open up my flood gates of Biblical knowledge, but could not find, even in the deepest reaches of my mind, an experience to share with them. When they realized I had no story to tell nor experience to share the watching eyes left and went back to one another. Through most of the night I acted like a recluse, keeping mostly to myself. Afterwards they talked about the different type of things they like to do, listen to music, talk, shop, play video games. Even on the rare occasion I would like something they did I would like it on different level or different style then they would. I was glad for the games where no one had to talk about themselves or each other.  In these games, such as Monopoly or Dance Dance Revolution,   I felt normal and part of the group.  I was glade I could fit in, even on a small scale. When it finally came time to depart I could not help the light wave of relief that swept over me. Even after the beautiful house had long left my sight, the feeling of simply being different from the others stayed with me for many hours after.


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