DPL: Behind the Puppets

fluffy-cat.jpgI first saw him performing in this YouTube video, and I said to myself, “I must have him for a storytime puppet show.” 

He arrived on Tuesday, complaining about the cramped dimensions of the 6″ x 8″ box he traveled in — that’s when I realized that Fat Cat was nothing more than a diva prone to primadonna tendencies.  Even after showing him the “First Class” stamp on his box, his majesty was still unconvinced that the accomodations were any better than coach class.    

After getting settled in his new surroundings atop my desk, he agreed to a short interview.  I inquired about his earlier work in the aforementioned “Numa Numa” video.  Fat Cat immediately balked at my line of questioning, but finally admitted that he had only done the video to support his once-ferocious catnip addiction.  After the video was released, Fat Cat realized that he had hit “rock bottom,”  and became determined to turn his life around and star in legitimate theater. 

Despite his highly-demanding disposition, I decided that Fat Cat deserved nothing less than to be stuffed in a drawer or hung from a hook in our puppet closet with the rest of our puppet crew.  

He may be a diva, but his construction allows for maximum control and danceability.  Not only can I make his head and his lips move, but I can manipulate all four of his limbs as well.  Watch out for this mover and shaker in future library programs. 

 Catch Fat Cat this summer as he headlines a cat-themed storytime, playing the lead role in our reading of What Will Fat Cat Sit On? by Jan Thomas




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