Texas Stadium

On this day in 1971, the Dallas Cowboys played their first game in Texas Stadium, beating the Patriots, 44-21.  In 2009, we will have to say a sad good-bye to the old stadium, as it gets plowed over to make room for some “upscale living” sites.  From 1971-today there has some outstanding talent and outrageous personalities on the fields and the sidelines at Texas Stadium; hopefully, the new stadium in Arlington, will not betray the Cowboys’ status as a local and national institution.  

Relive the earlier days of the cowboys at the Denton Public Library:

 Dallas Cowboys Quips and Quotes

 Tales From the Dallas Cowboys by Cliff Harris and Charlie Waters

Texas Thunder: My Eleven Years With the Dallas Cowboys byHarvey Martin

Tom Landry: An Autobiography

Cowboys Have Always Been My Heroes: the Definitive Oral History of America’s Team

Turning the Thing Around by Jimmy Johnson

Jerry Jones and the “New Regime”

or, if you despise “America’s Team” you can read this gem:

I Hate the Cowboys and Who Elected Them America’s Team Anyway


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