The Hollywood Ten

ten2.jpgOn this day in 1947,  the House Un-American Activies Committee (HUAC) started investigating actors, directors, writers and producers in Hollywood.  While some in the film industry bent to the HUAC’s search for “Reds”, a select few resisted and were subsequently blacklisted by an entertainment industry that strove to appease Congress. They were also convicted of obstructing justice and served jail time.  While some of these dissidents have been long forgotten, a few of these names may still ring familiar.  Learn more about the Hollywood Ten by revisiting their lives and works:

Dalton Trumbo, screenwriter, author


Johnny Got His Gun

Night of the Aurochs

 Roman Holiday  

Edward Dmytryk, director


The Caine Mutiny

Back to Bataan

The Young Lions

Ring Lardner, jr., screenwriter


I’d Hate Myself in the Morning


Woman of the Year

John Howard Lawson, screenwriter


The Careless Years

Cry, The Beloved Country

Albert Maltz, screenwriter


Two Mules For Sister Sara

The Robe (uncredited)

The Naked City

Samuel Ornitz, screenwriter


Circumstantial Evidence

They Live in Fear

Adrian Scott, screenwriter/producer



Murder, My Sweet

Alvah Bessie, screenwriter



 Hotel Berlin

Herbert J. Biberman, screenwriter


King of Chinatown

Together Again

Lester Cole, screenwriter


Blood on the Sun

Born Free

To read more about about HUACs activities and the Hollywood Blacklisting, check out these titles at the Denton Public Library:

Tender Comrades: a backstory of the Hollywood Blacklist

Blacklisted: the Film Lover’s Guide to the Hollywood Blacklist

Inside Out: a Memoir of the Blacklist

McCarthyism: The Red Scare

Heir to an Execution


2 thoughts on “The Hollywood Ten

  1. Thanks for this post on a shameful era in U.S. history. When you see the roster of names and their impressive credits, it’s inconceivable to imagine the loss these talents represented. Some were able to come back, others wrote under assumed names or were denied credit for their efforts.

    Great post, thanks…

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