Ed Emberley

ed-emberley.jpg   emberley-frog.jpg Today is author and illustrator Ed Emberley’s birthday!  Emberley has been writing children’s picture and drawing books since 1961, when he published his first work, The Flea on the WingDrummer Hoff , a collaboration between him and his wife, Barbara Emberley won the Caldecott Medal in 1968.  In August of this year, Emberley released his latest picture book, Ed Emberley’s Bye-Bye, Big Bad Bellybug.  His body of children’s fiction and illustration work is prolific; however, most people probably know him for his many instructional drawing books for children, including  Ed Emberley’s Drawing Book of Weirdos and Fingerprint Drawing BookIn all, Ed Emberley has written about 80 books throughout his life, but only about 20 are still in print.  To find out more about Emberley and his work visit his website and check out his written and illustrated works:

 Go Away, Big Green Monster!

Three: An Emberley Family Sketchbook

Ed Emberley’s Big Green Drawing Book

Ed Emberley’s Big Orange Drawing Book


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