Oh, How They Mow!

One of the great things about being located in a park is watching the different City Departments do their stuff.  Despite having worked here forever, I have never seen how they mowed the steep sides of Pecan creek.

This is someone from the City of Denton Drainage Department and he is driving a tractor that has a boom mower attachment.  I want one, or I would at least like to drive one.   Please?




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Fond Memories

While researching some back history on an old photograph of the Schmitz Furniture Store that we have in Special Collections Department of the Denton Public Library, I found myself calling the granddaughter of John B. Schmitz, Caroline.  She was unable to help with my question, but the conversation brought up some memories of her grandfather, which she said she would allow me to share:

“You know he must have been pretty brave to come here all the way from Mendota, Illinois, when he was 20 and open up a furniture store and undertaking company!  Takes a lot of guts to do that.  I remember that there were some who called him a carpetbagger.

Let me tell you something funny.  My grandfather’s house was a big old Victorian, and it was across from the old Methodist Church, and catawampus down the street from it was another funeral home, the Goen Funeral Home.  They had a big old neon sign that said, “Goen Funeral Home.”  Well, one day the funeral part of the sign went out and the sign just said, “Goen Home!”  We had a big laugh about that.”

And here is the photo that sparked the conversation:



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StoryTime at Emily Fowler

Don’t miss it!
There are just 3 more StoryTimes before we go on break for the month of May.

Join us for interactive preschool classes that use stories, songs, & puppets to build early literacy skills & prepare children to learn to read.
For children ages 1-5 & their caregivers.

Wednesday at 11 a.m.
Emily Fowler Central Library


We hope to see you there!
Stacey and Grace

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Going on a Bison Hunt!

Going on a Bison Hunt!Kids can lean about the largest land animal in North America with author Deborah Johnston at the South Branch Library on Saturday, April 5, at 2:30 p.m. This program is best for ages 5 to 9.

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Volunteers & Saving What We Have

A few months ago we decided to spiff up some things that we love in our building at the Emily Fowler Central Library: the Lynn Ford carvings.  There’s a bank of these carvings in the lower level workroom, which once was the hall between the Teen and Children’s areas.  These particular carvings are in the same place, but the area is now the staff workroom and therefore not readily accessible to the public.  They are still very beautiful, although the finish that Lynn Ford had applied 45 years ago has now completely dried and the carvings have become dusty and a bit lackluster.  The front doors from the 1969 renovation have also been neglected for some time.

One of our volunteers with painting skills (Miss Bobby ) has been coming in once a week to help.  Here you can see a photo of Bobbie working on the old front doors in the enclosed entrance, and a shot of the ones from the hall (looking a little dull and dusty).   ~Leslie



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Amazing YA Book Club

Love reading teen books, but not a teenager anymore?

This book club is for you!

Join us on April 1st @ 7 p.m. Emily Fowler Library

This month we are reading Diary Queen by Catherine Gilbert Murdock.

Dairy Queen

See you then!

(For more information email stacey.irish-keffer@cityofdenton.com.)

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Spring Break at Emily Fowler

Babysitter Workshop
Attend this workshop, presented by the Denton Fire Department, & become a certified babysitter.  Learn great babysitting strategies, emergency procedures, & more! This program is for teens, ages 12 to 18. Registration is required, call 349-8752.
Mon. 3/10 Emily Fowler Library 2 p.m.

Flying Feathered Friends
Love bird watching?  Join Danielle Bradley, State Park Interpreter, & learn to recognize common birds in our area by sight & sound. Participate in some fun bird-related activities. Ages 6 & up.
Tue. 3/11 Emily Fowler Library 3 p.m.

Twilight Toddler Time
Stories, songs, & activities in this evening StoryTime for toddlers (ages 12-36 months) & their caregivers.
Tue. 3/11, 4/08, & 5/13 Emily Fowler Library 6:30 p.m.

Suminagashi Marbling
Learn more about suminagashi, a paper marbling technique, & then use this technique to transform plain paper into vibrant, colorful decorative paper. Supplies are limited, & registration is required, call 349-8752. Ages 6 & up.
Wed. 3/12 Emily Fowler Library 3 p.m.

Cave Painting Adventures
Who was the first cave painter? We explore this idea in the imaginative story The First Drawing by Mordicai Gertstein. Then we will make some cave art of our own. Ages 5-9.
Thu. 3/13 Emily Fowler Library 4:30 p.m.

LEGO Builders Club – new time!
Drop in & get creative by building with the library’s LEGOs. All LEGOs provided by the library (please don’t bring your own). Ages 6 & up.
Friday 3/14 Emily Fowler Library 4:30 p.m.

Don’t forget our regularly scheduled programs!

Toddler Time
Participate with your toddler in these classes designed to promote literacy, social interaction, and caregiver bonding through stories, songs, and toddler-appropriate activities.
Best for ages 1-2.
Wednesdays Emily Fowler Library 9:30 a.m.

Join us for preschool classes that teach listening comprehension, social skills, and the foundations of reading through stories, songs, and puppets. Best for children ages 1-5 and their caregivers.
Wednesdays Emily Fowler Library 11 a.m.

Afternoon Adventure Club
Go on amazing journeys each week through stories and books. Listen to a story, learn something fun, and create a craft in this interactive class for kids in kindergarten through third grade.
Thursdays Emily Fowler Library 4:30 p.m.

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